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The Band

A little more about where we came from.

YYNOT takes hungry RUSH fans on a welcome journey back in time.Their stellar musicianship consistently delivers a unique blend of unbeatable accuracy,high energy, and raw power with their vintage RUSH classics and a fresh new spark with their own original progressive rock.

YYNOT was the coming together of award winning Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer Billy Alexander (John Waite, FEEL, Ron Blair-Tom Petty) and Florida-based virtuoso bassist Tim Starace.

The live lineup of vocalist Adi Argelazi, drummer Mike Hetzel, Alexander on guitar and Starace on bass and keys, YYNOT delivers a well-deserved "throat punch" in both their live shows and recorded material with their original progressive rock and "note-for-note" vintage RUSH covers while adding their own swagger to the mix.   

Their 3 original albums have garnered praise from the rock world including Prog Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine. The records have continued to sell in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Brazil and more. YYNOT has accumulated devoted fans all over the U.S. and abroad.

Adi Argelazi: Vocals
Billy Alexander: Guitar Vocals
Tim Starace: Bass/Keys/ Bass Pedals
Mike Hetzel: Drums

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